More prints coming soon..

Hello~ Is everyone having a good Labor Day weekend?
Just wanted to say that I will have four more prints in my Etsy shop soon, around mid-September. Yay!

In other news, one of my first customers, tifotter, framed some Poladoodle prints and famed them like this:

I'm so lazy at getting things framed.. I have a stack of poster and prints waiting to be framed.. so I am very impressed and happy to see the prints in such beautiful frames, in a style I would not have expected. It's always interesting to see how people interpret others' artworks and incorporate them into their space... So, thank you tifotter for showing me that the plain black frames I'm using in the Poladoodle product shots are not the only kind of framing that will work. Another yay!

(above pics are originally from here and here.)


Anonymous said...

Oh that rose picture is just awesome. I wrote about you on my blog. I used to do this alot too except for I would doodle of friends and turn them into pirates and make them wear vegas showgirl hats. I just love that there is now a term for it. haha

Jinnie said...

haha, pirates! arrr! that sounds like lots of fun and good gift ideas. maybe. ^^ thanks for coming by!