{ hi! } in progress

I forgot I had this picture! Here is a shot of my desk when I made this Poladoodle:

I remember, my sister called while I was working on it, so I put her on the speaker phone and we chatted for a long time. By the time I got off the phone, my doodle was almost done! I love it when things go smoothly l like that.. too bad that's not the case every time.. ^_^

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


rebecca said...

Oh it makes me so happy to see that you use Sharpies. I have distinct memories of trying to convince my high school art teacher that you could use Sharpies in art. She was a strict paint or pencil kinda lady.

I think that suppression of my Sharpie love is the reason I have approximately 100 of them now.

Jinnie said...

Nothing wrong with using Sharpies.. whatever you feel creative with, right?

I now have a total of 48 Sharpies, after I bought another set couple days ago, in Ultra Fine point. On sale! How can you resist? ^^;;