Etsy Shop Now Open!

Late last night, I uploaded my first four prints of Poladoodles on my Etsy store. Yup, they're finally available! I've been thinking about setting up a store for a long time but didn't actually do anything about it until I got several blog mentions, so I'm glad I finally did it and I sincerely thank those who gave me exposure and sent me encouraging words!

Right now, there are only four kinds of prints but I'm thinking about making more soon, depending on how the first batch does. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, please let me know~ :)

You can find my Etsy store at http://lilacmoonstudio.etsy.com/.


rebecca said...

I found your blog through Maditi-likes. I absolutely LOVE your Poladoodles. They're so fun. I've always wanted to paint & draw on my photographs, but I'm too scared to mess them up!

You're Poladoodles are beautiful!

Jinnie said...

*^_^* Thank you, rebecca. I get scared too when I draw.. but once you start, it's not too bad! I've ruined many Polaroids along the way but it's still fun.