Book - Hon no Hon (Le Livre du Livre)

I finally got my copy of Junzo Terada's Hon no Hon!

When I first saw this book over at Book By Its Cover and at Wee Wonderfuls, I knew I had to have it. So I ordered it at my local Japanese bookstore and just picked it up last weekend.

I love everything about this book of imaginary books: the nostalgic colors and textures, even typography (love how the title is written). The illustrator is so good at making graphic shapes simply work, and I'm jealous of him for this. I will definitely pick up this book for inspiration the next time I make rubber stamps.

The little stories next to each book cover illustration seem very interesting too.. how I wish I were fluent in Japanese! With my amateur Japanese skills, I tried reading the accompanying text for Harry's Guitar Store. The last part of it says something like this:
There is a special guitar in the store, a guitar Harry won't allow anyone to touch. For Harry has made a promise with its original owner, who is no longer of this world..
Argh, I wish this book really existed so I can continue reading the story! Anyway, I'm going to try to read the other stories whenever I have the time, with the help of a dictionary, of course. ;)

For more images, please be sure to check out the blogs I mentioned above. :) Thanks to those who recommended this wonderful book!


Anonymous said...

Can you please advise ISBN number for Junzo Terada's Book of Imaginary Books?
I cannot find this book anywhere,

Jinnie said...

ISBN-10: 4894443473
ISBN-13: 978-4894443471

Sorry for the late reply. Good luck!